Appointed Gives Back
Appointed Gives Back
Limited Edition Washington, D.C. Workbook

At Appointed we are committed to giving back to our local community. We are proud to call Washington, D.C. home and to have many of our products manufactured in the area. In 2016 we launched Appointed Gives Back through the creation of the Washington, D.C. workbook—all net profits of this product are donated to a local organization. Bi-annually we select a new organization to be the recipient of the net profits of the D.C. workbook. Through October 2017, proceeds are being donated to support Access Youth—a D.C. based organization that keeps the District’s most vulnerable students in school and out of the criminal justice system. Every spring and fall, we select a new education-based organization to partner with Appointed Gives Back. To apply or for more information, please email:

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